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as always itll be a matter of choice.
define “happy”
dear God?
I wanna share the happiness that im treasuring since then and I think that happiness is something that’s so great for me. I dont want people to be lonely coz theyre much important to me.I couldnt not let myself see them super-duper lonely coz they’re not BAGAY doing that. This 10th of october will just be another fine day I think for me. It’s like reminiscing again the day when people exchange their thoughts and sentiments.They just cant let the strings attached from it. But when months continued, those thoughts didnt matter anymore coz it was all lies. Lies that I enjoy much. I eventually feel the happiness during that time coz I always wonder and wander things that shouldnt be. I always assume stuffs. I always pretend. I always enjoy assuming. The fact that I will not be that good monster to that person coz im a monster- I’ll not be good dude!. My life that time was useless coz im thinking it’s useless- hmmm it wasnt, it wasnt. How could anyone be so useless that time? I hurt myself. I did. Until xmas time when that person let himself be felt by the nonsense presence with the senseful xmas. I replied back. I greeted. Then he didnt reply again for many times.

Another year has come. Valentine’s Day was celebrated by many but I didnt. I didnt receive any greetings from that person. That was the last time I can still recognize that he’s using that digits.







I didnt know what he’s doing. I didnt know anything coz being unimportant isnt that fucking to be prioritized, someone to be wasted, someone not  to be treasured, afterall!! I wouldnt blame him, im blaming myself. I didnt ask something so the hell he care! He didnt do anything. Blame me! Owe to me!.Afterall, I will not-not be heard by the angels in heaven if being legal is concern.

What really hurts most is that you’re hurt so much where in fact no one’s hurting you.

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Nakakaasar talaga kapag yung crush mo may crush siyang iba, masakit dun, sayo pa sinabi. Bob Ong

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Sana pwedeng isulat ang feelings, para madaling burahin..

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bein perfect!