The first time I felt the happiness that a person can feel when he/she is inlove was the most happiest part of my life. I didn’t even ask myself if it would hurt me. All I can do is to keep on loving him- thinking him everyday. I never asked anything. I just keep on loving him. My maturity grew when I entered college. Maturity hurts. Maturity made me frustrated. But I also like maturity because it keeps me alive. Since my maturity started I keep on realizing things from the school of realities. Reality did hurt and frustrate me. I could not blame anyone even him-REALITY did.

    It was even harder when we met again after 3 years. It was a happy meeting. I can’t even forget those moments. It was the first time I talked to him personally. That was the first time I’ve seen him laughing while I’m cracking jokes. That was the first time I laughed differently- not loud nor super loud but emotionally sooo loud. That was the first time I’ve heard from him “Ingat!”. And all I can do is say ” Ingat ka rin, may nagbabanta!”.When we part our ways I was sad…lonely. Its like I don’t wanna be apart from him. I still want to talk to him. But I can’t do anything.

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